How to develop a business during times of crisis?



* For a short period of time
* Annual turnover – potential over 250 000€
With minimal expenses – 1sq.m. of trade corner
* 1 million proposals – models, sizes, fabrics, accessories and price groups
Without investments in stock
Without risks of unsold products
Without missed sales
* Easy expansion of your business all over the world – potential annual turnover over 1 million € with minimum investments for a new trade corner

  • Take your business to the next level
  • Overpass your competitors
  • Create your own world brand and significantly increase its value

Cantarelli is looking for partners and agents worldwide

Why today is a big opportunity to start a business with Made to measure suits?

The new challenges in the fashion business:

  • Significant reduction of the demand from end customers – 50 – 70%
  • Many unsold products from previous seasons
  • New world brands positioning on local markets
  • Strong competition from online shops
  • Increase in the number of outlet centers

What are the Constraints in the business of Ready to Wear shops?

*The men’s suits have over 100 million combinations in sizes, models, designs, colors, and price groups which none of the shops in the world can offer on stock.

*Big investments for stock inventory are needed.

*There are always a lot of unsold products at the end of the season – over 40%

*Many missed sales due to the unavailability of accurate size, model, design, and price – from 100 potential customers, 90 are lost.

*High operating expenses – big shops, keeping warehouses and a large staff

*Low profit for the industry – 3% to 10% In the business for Ready to wear suits are put high markups from 3 to 5 times over the production price, but due to the high operating expenses, unsold products (40% at the end of the season), missed sales and benefits, the net profit is very low – 3% – 10%.

The market will not continue to exist the same way.

Today 70% - 80% of the family Ready to wear shops have cash flow problems or will go bankrupt.

95% of the young designers, a few years after graduation leave the fashion industry because they can't achieve self-realization.

Many historical factories in Europe are going to bankrupt. 90% of the factories in Europe have already closed.

There will be a complete change in the sales business model for men's suits.

Price offer - Luxury at an affordable price

Cantarelli Made to Measure suits at the price of Ready to Wear

Main collections

Price for end customers - 250€ - 450€

Wholesale price from the production - 100€ - 150€

90% from the suit market

So far 90% of the market for men’s suits were standard Ready to Wear garments, now the Luxury Made to measure suits at an affordable price will replace them.

This offer is suitable for the target group of highly price-sensitive customers.

Each customer would prefer to purchase Made to measure garments in front of Ready to wear at these price points.

Cantarelli has price offers for all target groups.

Luxury Made to measure suits were sold only in the high price category until now:

Premium collections

Price for end customers - 550€ - 750€

Wholesale price from the production - 180€ - 250€

7% from the suit market

Premium collections for connoisseurs

Price for end customers - 800€ - 1500€

Wholesale price from the production - 260€ - 500€

3% from the suit market

All garments are made from fabric articles from “Cantarelli Fabric Selection”, produced by established Italian manufacturers.

Luxury Made to measure suits can completely replace the Ready to wear in the price group of 250€ - 450€

How do we achieve the new business model?

By successful implementation of the principles of the automotive industry in the fashion industry and the change of the whole supply chain from fabric production and clothing manufacturing to marketing and final sales at the shops, Cantarelli achieved unique results:

Price - Luxury at an affordable price

Made to Measure suits at the price of Ready to Wear
End price for the customer - 250€ - 450€ -
two times lower than the standard price of Made to Measure.


maintaining high production quality through the use of Italian know-how in the technology of manufacturing and German precision through large investments in the most modern machines in the industry.



Production lead time

express lead time – 5 – 7 working days.

- significantly shorter than the current one for MTM garments.

Easy system for training the new staff

We offer FREE online training on taking measurements which takes only several hours.
The staff doesn’t need to have many years of experience.
Fashion consultants can be easily found for the expansion of the business.

Historical moment for the fashion industry!

The new production line of Cantarelli is a historical moment for the fashion industry in the process of production and sales of men’s suits.
The new business model “Luxury at an affordable price” has the same value for the fashion as Ford had for the automotive production industry. 
Through the production line of Ford, the price of a car became equal to the price of a waggon.
1900 - 5th Avenue, New York - there were 10 000 waggons and only 1 car.
1913 – at the same 5th Avenue, New York - there were 10 000 cars and only 1 waggon. 

A unique offer changes the world.

Potential annual turnover of one trade corner

For the MTM business model requires only 1sq.m of trade corner, where to be put suit samples, fitting suits, and fabric catalogs.

  • 2 pieces of garments sold per day
  • X 25 working days
  • X 12 months per year
  • X 420€ average selling price
  • = 250 000€ turnover for 1 trade corner

Significant expansion of the business model through own or franchise shops

You can easily expand your business through the innovative MTM business model by creating an unlimited number of shops with your brand.

You can spread trade corners with your own brand in your whole country and abroad through franchising.

The business model doesn’t require investment for purchasing stock and requires a small trade space and low operating expenses.

  • Potential annual turnover:
  • 5 trade corners – 1 250 000€ turnover
  • 10 trade corners – 2 500 000€ turnover

Cantarelli will support its partners in creating a strong marketing strategy and successful implementation of the business model.

1sq.m. trade corner = over 1 000 000 proposals

For the MTM business model is needed only 1sq.m of trade corner, where to be put suit samples, fitting suits, and fabric catalogs.

The trade corner is made on the principle of the automotive showrooms. Sample cars and catalogs offer huge possibilities to create an individual product for the customer.

Through the MTM trade corner can be offered over 1 000 000 combinations of sizes, models, fabrics, linings, and accessories from different price groups.

With this huge variety, all target groups and customer wishes are covered – from 100 potential buyers, 90 would purchase.


Standard Ready to wear shops keeps large trade spaces and warehouses.

RTW can’t offer the variety, which an MTM trade corner can – from 100 potential buyers, 90 are lost.

How to start the Made to measure business model?

We will be happy to work with you.

Below we are sending you the steps for starting the business model with Made to measure suits:

1. Presenting the business model:

Video call for discussion of partnership possibilities.

2. Registration on our website

After you made your registration, we will activate your profile, and you will be able to see the prices from the production B2B.

You will receive a guide how to work with our website.

3. Training for placing orders on our website – online, free of charge

Duration of the training 20 – 30 minutes.

4. Catalogues of fabrics

You will receive free of charge our fabric catalogs „Cantarelli Fabrics Selection”.

5. Sample of a ready-made garment

If you require, we can make a test order for the manufacturing of a sample for you – you will be able to see our level of quality.

6. Fitting suits for taking measurements

For starting the business model for made to measure suits you will need 30 fitting suits for taking measurements.

Special offer for the fitting suits, made with classical wool fabrics you can receive by email.

We can provide a contract for deferred payment if necessary.

7. Measurement charts, models, book with options, alteration schemes

You will receive all the needed documentation by email – free of charge.

8. Training for taking measurements – online, free of charge

Duration of the training 2 – 3 hours.

The system for taking measurements is very easy.

Everybody can learn, without the need for experience as “a master tailor”.

You can start the business with made to measure suits right away.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cantarelli is looking for partners all over the world.

Cantarelli innovative production line for Made to Measure suits on the price of Ready to Wear

Successful implementation of the principles of the automotive production line in the fashion industry

*European funding of the production line aiming for the preservation and development of new working places in Europe.

*Annual capacity of the production line – 250 000 garments

*Production lead time – express 7 – 10 working days lead time without additional surcharges.

*Italian traditions – Cantarelli uses its Know-How in developing the new production line.

*Design of the collections – 12 collections per year. The design of the garment collections and fabric selections is developed by Tuscan designers with 30 years of experience in developing collections for luxury brands.

*Production technology – Half Canvas, Full Canvas, Deconstructed, Fused

*German precision – use of the most modern German machinery – Durkopp, Veit, Pfaff, Strobel, Brisay.

*CAD-CAM – Lectra, France – software for developing single patterns and 25 cutting robots.

*Production transport – Eton system, Sweden.

*100% European production – the European certificate for all used materials in the manufacturing of the suit.

*Due to all benefits of the production line, the high production quality is achieved.

*Selection fabrics – Cantarelli invests in creating CANTARELLI SELECTION FABRICS AND LININGS, MADE IN ITALY. Over 5000 fabric articles and over 1000 lining articles on stock.

*Price of the products – Cantarelli’s innovative production line achieves high productivity and significantly reduces the costs through automation.

*Price – Luxury at an affordable price Made to measure suits at the price of Ready to wear. End price for the customer – 250€ - 450€ - 2 times lower than the current selling price for Made to measure.

 The result – Luxury at an affordable price – Made to measure suits at the price of Ready to wear.

A huge market niche is found for Made to measure suits on the place of production and sales of Ready to wear garments.

Cantarelli historical Italian brand with 50 years of history

Cantarelli’s head office is in the Tuscany region in Italy, between Rome and Florence, nearby the town Cortona with an area of 30 000sq.m. and production unit 10 000 sq.m.

In the past, over 900 employees have worked in the production unit.

For many years Cantarelli has been in a partnership with world-famous luxury brands and has developed their collections.

Cantarelli has also developed its own garment collections which are sold in over 500 boutique shops in over 30 countries.

Today Cantarelli preserves its traditions and Know-How:

- Innovative Made to Measure business model

- Cantarelli Selection Fabric, MADE IN ITALY

- Supports the preservation and creation of new working places in family boutique shops worldwide.

Your brand will receive significant marketing support from Cantarelli

Together with the Italian company Cantarelli you can achieve quick and significant results through the development of your business strategy and strong marketing support.

  • How to develop your brand quickly
  • How to open your own or franchise shops worldwide
  • Presentation of your brand at Cantarelli Fashion Week in Italy and in 10 more world fashion capitals
  • 12 fabric selections annually
  • Advertising materials - unique instruments for sales: videos, photoshoots, catalogs

Become a partner or an agent of Cantarelli

Economical benefits for your business

Cantarelli Made to measure suits in front of the standard business model Ready to wear

*No investments in stock

*No unsold products

*Significant reduction of the missed sales

*Easy and quick expansion of the business

*Significant increase of target groups and potential customers

*Suit specially made for the customer

*Easy system for training new staff

*Reduction of expenses up to 80%

*Significant increase of Return of investments from 2 to 125 times

Learn more

Where a new Made to measure trade corner can be opened?

*Ready to Wear shops

* Classical ateliers for Made to measure

* Wedding shops

* Accessory shops (shirts, ties, shoes, bags…)

* Designers, fashion consultants, and influencers who wish to create their own fashion brand

* Entrepreneurs who want to start a new business

* Agents who want to develop a franchise system

* Owners of other businesses who want to add MTM suits and jackets with their own brand label as additional products to their current products such as:

- shops for car accessories

- shops for sport wear

- business and sport club shops

- barber and hairdresser salons (change in the overall style of the customer)

- corporate fashion – many companies need their own garment collections for their employees

Cantarelli is looking for partners all over the world.
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00359 888 39 39 39


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